Update 6/10/2024

With the exception of Iron Mountain Trail -all new electric meters are in good working order. Iron Mountain will be finished by the 21st of June. The week of June 10th, A Cut Above will be cutting tree limbs that are encroaching on some of the townhomes.

We are happy to announce that replacement trees, hedges, plants will be forth coming and hopefully finished by end of July.

Update 5/8/2024

The Grounds are looking so much better already due to the herbicide, fertilizers etc. from last month.

Duke Energy has confirmed that the meter installation will be performed the week of May 13th. Also, the week of May 13th, A Cut Above will be begin with the “stump grinding” as well as continuing to replace and/or repair all water lines, sprinkler heads, etc., to prepare for the upcoming electrical system. Once that is completed and thoroughly tested, we can start with soil, sod, replacement trees and mulch.

Update 4/12/2024

We are still at the mercy of Duke Energy to install the meters. However,
A Cut Above is continuing to replace and/or repair all water lines, sprinkler heads, etc., to prepare for the upcoming electrical system. Vermillion Ave is complete. Progress has started on Coventry. Wellington Blue will be following, with Iron Mountain Trail being last. Once the meters are in from Duke Energy, A Cut above will be digging trenches to hook up all the electrical. Once that is completed and thoroughly tested, we can start with soil, sod, replacement trees and mulch.

Update 3/12/2024

A Cut Above will be spraying for weeds in the flower beds and grass on 3/13/2024. Please note within 3-4 weeks, you will see bald spots on the grass (burnt areas); this is to get rid of the weeds and allow the St. Augustine grass to regenerate in that area.

Update 2/23/2024

Duke Energy has approved the permits for our meters. The next step is for our landscaper, A Cut Above, to replace all timers from battery operated to electric. In the long run, this will save the community a lot of money. Be prepared for the digging trenches to the meters to hook up the sprinkler system. As well as replacing and repairing broken lines. We will continue to have “messy” yards while this is going on.

Update 10/11/2023

We have sprayed for weeds on all flower beds, paver driveways and paver walkways, we also trimmed front and back of the units except the units that had Halloween decorations, including the driveway hedges.

As of November 1st, 2023 – all dead, diseased trees will be removed. As well as all dead plants and invasive weeds that have grown into the plants.

Update 9/18/2023

Advance Electric has informed management that they are waiting on Duke Energy to open the transformers so that they can connect the wires and schedule the inspections.

The HOA provides landscaping services to all homes and our common areas.

Resident responsibilities

  • Residents are responsible for keeping debris off their lawns.
  • Residents must ensure that holiday decor will not affect normal lawn cutting/edging and will not harm landscape.
  • No signs, including banners, posters, or any kind of advertisement is allowed
  • Hoses must be stored out of sight
  • Garbage cans bust me kept inside. On garbage day (Tuesday) – cans can be placed on the driveway or curb– do not put trash cans on the grass

HOA responsibilities

Our landscaping company is A Cut above


All sodded areas will be mowed weekly during April 1st through October
31st and bi-weekly or as-needed during November 1st through March 31st to include
entrances, sidewalks, easements, and common areas.
Contractor shall maintain the growth of grass height between 4 to 4.5 inches.


All turf areas adjacent to structured surfaces such as curbs, sidewalks,
driveways and slab areas will be edged at each mowing cycle. Bed lines will be
edged every other mowing cycle. Edges around flower beds will be kept well defined
to prevent encroachment of sod and other lawn materials.

Weed Control: Removal of weeds from all beds, bushes, walk, deck, curb and drive
joints will be performed weekly or as necessary to maintain a neat appearance. From
time to time, weed control by chemical means may be needed. Weeds that are in the
plant material and not controlled by chemical means will be hand pulled.

Pruning and Trimming: Shrubs and hedges will be pruned on a 4-week rotational
cycle to maintain the natural form of the plant and maintain growth within space

limitations. This excludes pruning or trimming necessitated by acts of nature. All
trimmings will be collected and removed from the maintained area.

Fertilization: Turf shall be fertilized 6 times per year with a commercial fertilizer.
Herbicides: Weed control on sodded areas is included in this contract.
Insecticide: This program will include the prevention of disease with 6
applications of disease control products per year.
Treatment for infestation of nematodes and sod web worm is included.
Infestation of chinch bugs is not included. Contractor will recommend additional
treatments and procedures to minimize damage, should they become a problem.
These treatments are available at an additional cost.
Fungicide: Fungicides to treat brown patch fungus and gray leaf spot are included
in this contract.

Clean Up: All sodded areas will be cleared of litter prior to mowing. All beds will be
cleared of litter. All debris generated during the contracted grounds maintenance
operation will be blown from the sidewalks, curbs, and streets away from the homes.

Irrigation: The irrigation system will be monitored and inspected on a monthly

basis. The system check will include the following:

  • Activate each zone of the system to verify automatic operation.
  • Check remote control valve for proper operation.
  • Check setting on pressure regulator to verify proper setting, if present.
  • Check flow control and adjust as needed; ensure valve closure within 10-15
  • seconds after.
  • Check for leaks-mainline, lateral lines, etc.
  • Visually check any damaged or malfunctioning heads. All heads will be checked as follows:
  • Proper set height (top of sprinkler is 1” below mow height)Verify head pop up height – 6” turf, 12” ground cover-, and pop-up riser in shrub beds.
  • Check wiper seal for leaks
  • All nozzles checked for proper pattern, clogging, leaks, correct make and
  • model, etc.
  • Check for proper alignment-perfectly vertical, coverage area is correct;
  • minimize overspray onto hardscapes.
  • Riser height raised or lowered to accommodate plant growth patterns and ensure proper coverage.
  • Verify the pop-up riser retracts after operation.
  • Report any valve or valve box that may be malfunctioning or damaged in any way.
  • Adjust clocks to the watering needs as dictated by any water restrictions or weather conditions, if applicable.
  • Time clock batteries will be replaced as needed, available at an additional cost.
  • Inspect and adjust rain sensors, if applicable.
  • Provide a monthly written report detailing inspection results by clock and zone for common areas.